Gloria Burgess

Just like jazz music, everything we do is about inspiration and collaboration. We honor the wisdom and expertise of your team while celebrating and building on new ideas that emerge.

Gloria Burgess PhD
President and CEO
Jazz, Inc.


You want the TOP
inspirational speaker
to ignite your team
or organization?

We will inspire you
to achieve more than you
thought possible.


You want to create
a culture of conscious,
inspired leaders?

We will help you fine tune
your performance and
play better together.


You want to work
with someone you trust,
so you can get where you
want to go faster?

We will help you access,
leverage, and play
to your strengths.

Inspiring you to CREATE A BRIDGE
what was, AND what is,
TO what can be.

You're ready to change it up. Maybe you're looking for a new vision, mission, or purpose. Maybe you’re seeking a new direction and strategies to help you get there. Or you're looking for team alignment and more effective collaboration. We can show you how. We help you orchestrate the change you crave. Jazz is about building a bridge from here to there.

You want to step it up… and play better together. We will help you dream outside the box, reimagine who you are, and create a culture of inspiration and innovation. Lift your performance to new heights. Get inspired. Jazz is about imagination.

You'd really like some support along the way. We will support you in the way that works best for you and your team. We inspire and equip you to take your first steps and soar! Jazz is about synergy—tuning in, listening closely, and playing well together.