John’s Story

For the past four decades, John Burgess has enjoyed dual citizenship in the worlds of music and business.

John composes his life to fully express his talents and skills in both worlds. He is one of the few leaders who integrates the usually separate realms of creative artistry and business mastery.

John is at home performing in prestigious international music festivals and at Carnegie Hall. He conducts orchestras and other ensembles in sacred and secular settings. As CEO of a premiere management consulting company, his repertoire ranges from classical strategic planning… to the jazz of high tech and financial management.

As Maestro in the arts and business, John inspires boards, teams, and organizations to transcend the status quo and equips them to excel, to become the creative force that God intended.

Formerly with PricewaterhouseCoopers, John’s clients include Seattle Opera, PEMCO Insurance, Purex Corporation, Cell Therapeutics, Diana Plant Sciences, International Coach Federation, Tully’s Coffee, Bering Air, Pacific Marine Management, Keyes Packaging Group, C.H. Guenther, and Fran’s Chocolates, the President and First Lady’s favorite chocolatier. John’s clients value his integrity, collaboration, stewardship, and deep commitment to engaging and developing others.

John now devotes his life to transforming teams and organizations through the inspirational power of music. He knows what artists throughout the ages have always known—that the antidote to our culture’s obsession with speed is reverence for and appreciation of beauty. For this reason, John designed Inspiring Imagination at Work™ to reconnect teams and organizations to their emotional and creative genius… so they can move in concert with their own tempo and achieve new heights of performance excellence.

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John Burgess Inspiring Imagination at Work

Maestro John Burgess, Inspiring Imagination at Work™

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Maestro John Burgess

Gloria Burgess

Just like jazz music, everything we do is about inspiration and collaboration. We honor the wisdom and expertise of your team while celebrating and building on new ideas that emerge.

Gloria Burgess PhD
President and CEO
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