Leadership Development

Jazz International provides seminars, workshops, and customized learning experiences to engage your team, increase their productivity, and inspire their imagination. Jazz is here.

Jazz International specializes in conscious, inspired leadership. Our conference, summit, and meeting services include:

  • Seminars
  • Customized Learning Experiences, featuring Inspiring Imagination at Work

Seminars and Workshops

A seminar or workshop flows quite naturally from any keynote presentation. Our seminars and workshops are engaging, interactive, challenging, and fun. Vital. Jazz knows the score.

Jazz International’s most-requested seminars and workshops include:

  • Restoring the Heart of Leadership
  • Customer Service GOLD™
  • Reawakening the Soul at Work
  • Overcoming Immunity to Change
  • Better Together: Inspiring Diversity at Work™

Customized Learning Experiences

Want something more intimate? Let us compose a “By Request” roundtable or learning salon. Learning that fits your style. Customized just for you. Engaging. Experiential. Enriching. Jazz.

To change the tempo at your next executive gathering, Inspiring Imagination at Work™ is for you. Jazz International hosts our popular, one-of-a-kind learning journey. Immerse your senses. Accelerate your learning. Amp up your performance.

Inspiring Imagination at Work™ features premiere performances with a pianist, jazz ensemble, or symphonic orchestra. Scintillating and scaled to fit your needs. Debriefs are attuned to your team’s circumstances, challenges, and opportunities.

Perfectly pitched, our expertise in business, music, and performance results in a magical infusion of Verve… Energy… and Inspiration.

The Inspiring Imagination at Work™ series includes:

  • Inspiring Imagination at Work™
  • Maestro: Leadership Lessons from the Podium
  • From Here to There: Inspiring Leadership at Work™
  • Reedin’, Ritin’, and Riffmatic™: Lessons from the Jazz Ensemble
  • Better Together: Inspiring Inclusion at Work™
  • Building the Road as We Walk on It: Inspiring Perseverance at Work™
  • Inspiring Vision at Work™
  • Inspiring Innovation at Work™
  • Inspiring Transformation at Work™
  • Inspiring Collaboration at Work™

Imagine. Renew. Refocus. Achieve virtuoso performance and stellar results.

Want to play your way?
We can help: 206.954.0732 | events@gloriaburgess.com.

John Burgess Inspiring Imagination at Work

Maestro John Burgess, Inspiring Imagination at Work™

conductor john burgess

Maestro John Burgess

Gloria Burgess

Just like jazz music, everything we do is about inspiration and collaboration. We honor the wisdom and expertise of your team while celebrating and building on new ideas that emerge.

Gloria Burgess PhD
President and CEO
Jazz, Inc.