I first met Gloria in Switzerland at the Women’s International Network conference in Geneva, where we were both scheduled as keynote speakers. I was so impressed by her presentation that I invited her to present the keynote address for our 50th Anniversary Tribute for the Women’s Anti-Apartheid March in Pretoria, South Africa. Since then, we’ve communicated regularly and plan to work together on an ongoing basis. I’m very grateful for what Gloria has contributed to my life and the people I work with here in Switzerland.

I've attended a lot of conferences and workshops, and I have to say that hearing Gloria Burgess speak was truly an electric experience. People were so on the edge of their seat… that you could hear a pin drop. She was just tremendous!

– Her Excellency Dr. Konji Sebati, South African Ambassador to Switzerland

I've heard nothing but great things about your keynote! You have an incredible story and legacy to share, and you are a powerful speaker. You hit all the right notes for our audience; it was exactly what we needed. You have an extraordinary gift for weaving together the many amazing facets of your life.

– Executive Director, Providence Health System

Your presentation in Sydney was both inspirational and meaningful. You were truly fantastic! I would not hesitate to recommend you as a keynote speaker for International Coach Federation (ICF) conferences stateside and other groups.

– ICF Officer, Sydney, Australia

Electrifying… Dr. Burgess knocked it out of the ballpark! Her poised and inspiring keynote was really moving, making this an event to remember. Gloria's presence is powerful… she keeps you on the edge of your seat. Her message is truly inspirational and needs to be heard by everyone.

– Executive Staff, Women's Business Exchange

Gloria Burgess is a living legacy of what humanity truly can be. She understands the humanity in each of us individually and in the world. We need to listen to Gloria, and to learn from her.

– Dr. Nancy J. Adler, Thought Leader, Montreal, Canada

Leadership Development

In my work I meet many consultants. I also hear from many staff who are ready to give up, flattened by the crushing demands of work and life. Most of them show up for training with one of two attitudes: either “I'm not going to like this” or “Fix me.” Gloria's style can't be compared to other consultants, because she conjures transformation to a road of hope. The experience burns with the sun of persuasion so people are willing to take off their coat of pain and trust the whole of themselves. Gloria leads that. She weaves the group in and out of an exchange of ideas…. Knowing that we each are our best teacher, Gloria makes no pretense of handing over knowledge. What does she do? She introduces people to their core—not with smoke and mirrors but with a reflection of their own vision for themselves.

This is leadership development.

Because I've experienced Gloria's work and know how she develops leaders, I have renewed hope for the collective soul of the work world.

– HR Executive, Boston

We want you to know how much we enjoyed our staff retreat. Thanks for helping us learn to open the door and break down the walls, so we can work better together. And thank you for helping us articulate our purpose, develop the leader within, enjoy the journey, and pass the torch along to others.

– Executive, Impact Capital

I didn't know how to describe in words what we wanted to create for our diverse and very sophisticated leaders. I knew it had to do with creating a vibrant context where everyone is valued, seen, and heard. You not only listened to us, you also heard the words beneath our words… the song beneath the song, so to speak. Gloria, you exceeded our wildest dreams and expectations.

– Executive, Community Development

Coaching and Mentoring

Thank you for coaching me. You affirmed my strengths while asking questions that challenged me. As a result, I experienced professional and personal growth. And I developed a specific action plan for the additional steps I need in order to take my performance to the next level.

– CEO, Forensic and Mental Health Services

Gloria's work is a testament to the triumph of possibility, to the human spirit's power to reign over adversity, and to being of service to current and future generations. I have fond memories of how inspired and deeply touched people were by the quality of your stewardship and the positive regard you extended to so many to further the unfolding of their magic. With deep respect, gratitude, and admiration.

– Angeles Arrien, Thought Leader, Author

Gloria, I want to thank you so much for coming to our annual retreat for your inspiring coaching on change. As you know, we've been through the wringer this year, so this was a time to pause and reflect. You made it wonderful. Your insightful coaching and mentoring was right on target, and I know you touched many lives.

– Executive, Financial Management

Thank you so much. Before I met you, I didn't know what accelerated mentoring was… nor the power it has to change lives. Each week, you gave us new readings, new assignments. You engaged us and held us accountable. I must say, Legacy Living is the shortest, most difficult book I've ever encountered! Each page is filled with personal, soul-stirring awakening. Although it's a challenge to be in a legacy-living state of mind every day, I'm up to it. Thank you so much for showing us how to live on purpose, be of service to others, and equip others by passing it on. You are truly an inspiration!

– Gwen Harris, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.

We all need to be born again to create our true selves.... So let the wisdom of legacy living guide you… and rebirth yourself.

– Dr. Bernie Siegel, Thought Leader, Author

Gloria Burgess

Just like jazz music, everything we do is about inspiration and collaboration. We honor the wisdom and expertise of your team while celebrating and building on new ideas that emerge.

Gloria Burgess PhD
President and CEO
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